Provide alliance members with opportunities for teachers and students to visit and exchange abroad. Includes short-term academic exchange visits, three months and long-term (one year and more) visiting scholars. Provide joint doctoral students' segmentation training programs for alliance member universities.

Through the two-way interaction of high-level visiting scholars, Chinese universities will have a group of academic masters with international influence and high prestige, while enhancing the academic level of Chinese universities in the world's frontier disciplines and professional fields.

At the same time, the Alliance will take the lead in organizing international and regional major scientific plan, scientific engineering research topics and various academic research activities, promoting the construction of international joint laboratories for Chinese universities, and regularly holding various meeting about high-level international academic and industry-university research conferences, incubating scientific and technological achievements. Though building key disciplines or majors, continuously improve the international influence of China's higher education and the overall level of running schools and provide strong support for the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines.